Advisory Committee Membership List

The local governments, individuals and firms listed below give generously of their time to serve as members of the Virginia Municipal League's Go Green Virginia Advisory Committee. The committee, chaired by Christina Luman-Bailey from the City of Hopewell, is responsible for planning and implementing the components of the initiative.

Please extend your thanks to the following people for their support of VML:


Christina Luman-Bailey (chair), Council Member, City of Hopewell

Larry Cummings, Trane Commercial Systems, Direct Sales & Solutions Manager

Erik Curren, Staunton Council

Carol Davis, Town of Blacksburg 

Bryna Dunn, Moseley Architects, Director of Environmental Planning and Research

Harry Gregori, Virginia UAS Alleyn Harned, Virginia Clean Cities

Candy Helsnley, Augusta County

Bob Lazaro, Northern Virginia Planning District Commission

Cooper Martin, National League of Cities 

John Morrill, Arlington County, Energy Manager

Bill Murray, Dominion Energy 

Annette Osso, Resiliency Virginia

Speaker Pollard, Williams Mullen 

Kristel Riddervold, City of Charlottesville, Environmental Administrator

Najib Salehi, Loudoun County 

Bill Skrabak, City of Alexandria, Department of Transportation and Environmental Quality (Division Chief)

Skip Stiles, Wetlands Watch, Executive Director

Khoa Dinh Tran, Alexandria


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