6 Practical Applications for your Chemistry Degree

If you are someone that has just left uni, then it is likely that you are currently experiencing ‘the fear’. The fear is something that slowly creeps up on all graduating students and this is the worry about what you are going to do with your degree once you have got it.  

Before you went to university, you were probably told to pick a degree that would guarantee you a job in the future and if you are reading this, then you probably went for a chemistry degree. However, once you actually get to uni it becomes very apparent that getting a job after you have gained your degree will still be difficult.  

We understand that post-grad life can be extremely scary and you may find yourself in a position where you are desperate to find the next step in your life. Well, we have you covered, here are some practical applications for your chemistry degree.  


If you are looking for a job with a lot of benefits and very little stress, then you may want to look into the world of teaching. Teaching offers you the opportunity to use all of the knowledge that you have gained over the last few years to your own advantage. This career is only recommended if you enjoy teaching and don’t mind children, because if you don’t like either then you will find yourself in an extremely stressful position. We recommend contacting schools that you have previously attended, as they will have a good idea of your character and will be more likely to take you on. 


Many businesses are looking for a researcher and if you look into the production of chemicals and products, then you will see that the companies are especially eager to take on someone with a chemistry degree who will be able to break down all of the components of their products. Recently there has been an uprising in companies that produce things such as CBD and THC-based products, so if you are looking for a new position then you could be the new researcher at one of these companies. Other fields of application for a chemistry degree include working in pharmacies or even creating bio-chemicals for pest-control firms. Companies like ThanosHome regularly sponsor graduates who decide to go into these fields so that they can create new products for them. 


Lab Technician  

If you are looking for a job that is a little easier to do than a lot of other jobs in the chemistry sector, then you may want to look into being a lab technician. Being a lab technician will allow you to continue to practice your passion for chemistry while assisting someone else’s work. You can actually become a lab technician in many schools, which means you will benefit from the great holidays and even better pay and pension plans.  


If you are someone that wants to use your knowledge of chemistry and apply it somewhere practical, then you may want to look into the world of pharmacology. Working in this field will allow you to develop new medications and expand your existing knowledge of chemistry. Holding this position will really give you the chance to help people, so you may want to look into it.  

Analytical Chemist 

When you are studying for your chemistry degree, something that you are taught is how to analyze substances. This is something that you can apply to the working world by becoming an analytical chemist. This position will expect you to be able to identify individual components and draw up chemical structures. This analysis could potentially lead you to look into food and medicines, as analytical chemists are extremely important when it comes to being able to determine the potential effectiveness and quality of produced medications.  

Hazardous waste specialist  

Though it may not seem like the most glamorous job out there, it is a job that is necessary to the function of the world. Science has brought the world a lot of amazing things, but when creating new things there can be a lot of dangerous waste that can not be disposed of very easily. This is where hazardous waste specialists come into play and they identify harmful substances and decide the best way to get rid of them. This job is extremely important to ensuring the safety of many people and can be extremely rewarding. 

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