Financial Education: The Best Degrees to Study to Pursue a Financial Career

From a young age, we are all told the importance of financial security. Without financial security, we limit the things we can do and the opportunities that we can access. It is thought that one of the best ways to ensure that you have financial security in the future is by completing your education and achieving great results.  

No matter where you are in the world, the importance of education is ingrained into us all at a very young age, as with knowledge comes power.  As a society, we are told which sectors of occupation will be beneficial for our financial success in the future. We are encouraged to pursue careers in medicine, law, science, and similar fields.  Though these fields offer the possibility of financial security, one of the best careers that you can pursue is one in the financial sector. After all, what job can offer you the opportunity to earn more money than a job that requires you to be surrounded by money? 

There is a very common misconception that the only way that you can pursue a financial career is by earning a degree in accountancy. Though this was the case in the past, there are now more avenues that you can go down than ever before.  The world of finance is continuously expanding as the world continues to evolve, now there are many financial opportunities from stock investment to mortgage leads. There are qualifications that make a reverse mortgage leads viable, along with every other new and exciting financial career you can pursue.  

Here is our recommendation on the best degrees to study in order to pursue a financial career.  


Though I previously stated that accountancy isn’t the only viable financial degree, it is still a very valuable degree. For years people have said that if you have an accountancy degree, then you are guaranteed to be able to get a job. Though there are a lot of external factors that can impact this, such as recessions or even global pandemics, for the most part, this is true.  Accountancy degrees are extremely valuable, especially if your degree is of a high standard. Not many people have the natural ability to do maths, so if you have the proof that you can, then businesses will be very interested in taking you on.  

Every business in the world has or needs an accountant, so by completing an accountancy degree you are opening yourself up to a world of possibilities. Accountancy degrees are also extremely difficult, so if you have proved that you can handle the pressure of completing this degree, then you will be extremely appealing to any potential employers.  


What a lot of people forget about business degrees is that they cover a long list of content. The goal of completing a business degree is to prepare someone for when they eventually set up their own business or even gain a partnership position within a pre-existing business.  

Most business degrees take the time to really go into the financial side of the business. This means that people who study business are taught about profit margins, percentages, and equity. Some of these features of a business course are not even touched upon on a standard accountancy course, so if you have completed a business degree with a focus on maths, then you will be extremely desirable to any potential employer. 

People who have completed a business degree are considered to be so valuable because they understand the practical application of the maths that they have learned, which is something that people who took a standard accountancy degree often have to be trained on. 

Accounting and law 

Depending on the university that you decide to attend, many of them offer combination courses.  These combinations are not just thrown together, they are very cleverly thought out in relation to how they will be beneficial when it comes to seeking employment 

Accounting and law is a very good degree to do if you want a career in the financial sector. Accounting and law focus a lot on the legislation surrounding economic trade deals. If you think about the trades that your own country makes with other countries, then it would make sense that there would need to be laws enforced surrounding this.  

This degree is extremely valuable due to just how many doors it opens. Both law and accounting degrees are extremely valuable to employers, so having a combination of the two will make you stand out from a long list of applicants. It is important to know that this degree combination is extremely difficult, so unless you feel confident in the two areas, we recommend trying to go for something a bit more simple. However,  an accounting and law degree will make you a cut above the rest. 

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