How to Get Started in Botany and Ecology

Recently, we have all had quite a lot of time on our hands. This is because many of us are working from home or have been given the opportunity to be furloughed. Having time off is fantastic, for the first few weeks. There is only so much Netflix that one person can watch before their brains crave some form of stimulus. If you have found yourself in this exact situation, then you are probably craving to pack your brain with some brand new and exciting information.

If you are someone that cares about nature or you’re just interested in the way that the world works, then you may be interested in looking into botany or ecology. The names alone may confuse you, but it is really easy to derive what each means just by looking at their names.

Botany is the study of plants, now this doesn’t mean just examining how they look. It refers to looking at how they interact with certain stimuli and how the plant general functions. Ecology is not too dissimilar from botany, but it is more generalized to organisms. So this can be anything from plants to bacteria. Both are extremely interesting subjects to look into, but how do you get started in the world of botany and ecology?


These days we are lucky enough to learn about a long list of things thanks to the easy access that we have to the internet. The internet has given us the chance to learn about pretty much anything. No matter what new hobby you want to pick up, it would be a shame not to utilize all of the information that is available to you at the click of a finger.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Botany, then all you need to do is a quick google. There are plenty of sites that are out there that have been put together by botany enthusiasts that have plenty of knowledge on the subject. We recommend sites such as which have plenty of knowledge about how to care for plants and the nature of plants. Sites like this are usually much better when it comes to research as it has all of the information that you need in one place, meaning you can get lost in the website while also enjoying it.


Contact the experts

If you have ever experienced a university or college-style education, then you are probably aware that it is more beneficial to learn through discussion. With any subject, you are bound to find someone out there that is very passionate about botany and ecology. Depending on how you process information, it would be beneficial for you to have an actual conversation with someone who knows a lot about the subject. Talking it through will feel a lot less like you are forcing yourself to learn something, which for some people means that the complicated information is much easier to digest.


Get a plant

If you are someone who enjoys learning in a more practical way, then you should try and buy yourself a plant. There is no better way to understand the nature of a plant and how the plant works than seeing it for yourself in person, this way you can look at it as it happens as opposed to having to look at pictures. You will also feel more encouraged to pay attention to what is happening when it is happening in front of you, which means you will notice little changes in your plant.

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