Surefire Ways to Turn Your Grades Around

Let’s face it, the last year has made getting a decent education very difficult. Due to the global pandemic, most schools closed their doors and moved classes online. This meant that the academic support that people were getting throughout the year was not the same as it usually is. Instead of being able to ask questions directly to your teacher, you had to send emails and rewatch revision videos. Classes were sat from the comfort of your own home, which made it far too easy to be distracted and even easier not to turn up altogether.

A common trend that you may have seen on the internet is people pretending to be present in the classes by using pre-recorded videos of themselves looking attentive, just so they could sleep through classes. Academically you did not get the same support this year that you are used to getting and naturally, it is likely that your grades have fallen behind a little.

This year recorded some of the worst final exam grades that have been seen in the last decade, but the students who took the exams really couldn’t be blamed and many felt that the grades that they got were unfair and they were not a true reflection of their abilities. It was impossible to ignore the difference in the grades this year in comparison to the grades that were achieved last year, and so many places are thankfully allowing students to resit their exams a year later, which gives them the chance to prepare and get the grades that they deserve.

If you are someone that got disappointing grades this year, then next year may be your last chance to show what you are capable of. Getting good grades is crucial if you want to continue to higher education or get into a good school. Say you want to earn a place at a private school in South Florida, unless you have the money to be able to pay for education, you need to depend on getting good grades and earning a scholarship to this school.

The prospect of trying to improve your grades may be incredibly scary, but it is something that you can do easily if you put your mind to it and follow the right advice to do so. Here are some surefire ways to turn your grades around.

Get a tutor

If you feel as though you are behind in terms of your academic learning, it is recommended that you get a tutor as early as possible. There is no point in spending time alone struggling when you can be supported straight away. If you ask your parents, they are bound to agree to cover the costs of your tutoring, as long as you explain to them how much you are struggling.

If you do manage to get a tutor, be completely honest about how much you are struggling to complete your work. If you pretend that you understand something that you do not, then they will simply be unable to help you and you will not be able to get on top of your work. There is no use being embarrassed about your lack of academic ability and they have the necessary experience in that area to be able to support you without any judgement.

If you are unable to afford the cost of a private tutor, you should instead get in contact with your school. They should be able to point you in the way of a free tutor or even offer you free tutoring from one of the teachers that work there.

Ask for practice papers

The best way to prepare for your upcoming exams is by completing practice papers. If you speak to your teacher and ask them for more papers to practice with, they will be happy to give you some to work through. If you do not feel comfortable asking your teachers for this, then you can find some practice papers online that are old copies of past exams. When you are doing these practice papers, trying doing them while following the same rules that you would have to follow in an exam. This will prepare you for your upcoming exams and make you much better at managing your time. If you suffer from exam anxiety, getting your practice in is a great way to relieve this anxiety and make the exam process much easier.

If you ask your teachers, then they will be more than happy to mark your exam papers for you and give you honest feedback on how you did. Getting this feedback is very important, as you will be able to apply it the next time you sit an exam and it may help you improve your overall score.

Ask for one to one sessions

If you are really struggling to understand a subject that has been taught to you, it is recommended that you ask your teacher for a one-to-one session on that subject. Your teacher will have no idea that you have been struggling unless you tell them and if you tell them that you aren’t understanding their teaching style, they may even change how they do it. This means that you could help to improve the situation of other people that are having a hard time understanding your teacher’s teaching method but are too shy to say.

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