The University Study Guide for Succeeding on an Engineering Course

If you are someone that is considering studying further education, you may be undecided on what course you wish to follow. There are hundreds of options that cater to everyone’s personal skillset and academic ability, so you are bound to find something out there that fits your own needs.  

If you are someone that likes the idea of creating things that can be used throughout the world by many people, then you may have thought about pursuing an engineering course.  Gaining a degree in engineering opens you up to a whole lot of potential career paths that you can follow and people that gain engineering degrees are some of the biggest earners in the country. There is actually a very large demand for engineers around the whole world, so earning an engineering degree could allow you to travel the world while working at what you love most.  

Though an engineering degree can open you up to a lot of opportunities, it isn’t without its difficulties. An engineering degree takes a lot of hard work and intelligence, which is why so many people, unfortunately, end up backing out of the degree after a small time period. 

Worry not, there are ways to get around the demands of the course and go on to have a successful career in engineering. Here is the university study guide for succeeding in an Engineering course. 


Turn up to every lecture 

Being a student can be a lot of fun. During university, you make lifelong friends and go to a lot of parties. Something that every university student falls into is skipping lectures. Though you may start university with the promise that you will be a dedicated student, the hectic uni life can catch up with you and so you may be tempted to spend some extra time in bed instead of attending your class.  

The main problem that you will face when it comes to skipping class is the fact that you are an adult and will be treated as an adult by your faculty. This means that if you skip class, you won’t get in trouble which makes it all the more tempting.  

There are a lot of courses that you can easily get away with skipping classes, simply by catching up on any missed notes or looking at online presentations. This is not the case when it comes to engineering, as a lot of it is practical and visual-based learning, which means that you have to be there.  You could always look up a guide to welding a truck frame after you have missed the class on how to do it, but this will not teach you what you would have learned if you attended the class.  

If you miss too many classes, the university simply will not be able to pass you as you won’t know how to do a lot of the things that are required for an engineering job. No matter how much you don’t want to attend class, just do it. Grab yourself a coffee and an Uber and get yourself to class, as you will only regret all of the time that you miss.  


Do the reading  

Though engineering is considered to be a mainly practical course, there is still some reading that you will be expected to do in order to get a full grasp of the theoretical side of the course.  

This isn’t a course where you are just tested on your practical ability, you are also tested on how easily you retain knowledge about the engineering subject. People who pick engineering courses are often people who do not enjoy doing too much theoretical learning and so a lot of engineering students, unfortunately, end up neglecting a large portion of their academic studies.  

The practical exams that you will do usually make up less than 50% of your overall grade and so you should make sure that you are doing all of the recommended reading and revision. If you fail to read what has been recommended, then you will not fare well for the rest of your course and you may even find yourself unfortunately failing.  


Take some time for yourself  

Something that you may know is that the mental health condition of students is an ongoing concern. Students are pushed to do a lot of work and this combined with the pressure of succeeding can take quite a toll. Engineering is a difficult course and if you plan on succeeding, you have to make sure that you are not getting too overwhelmed.  

We recommend that you set aside specific study times where you can work on revising, as this will mean that you know that you have got it done, so you can spend the rest of your time focusing on ensuring that you are happy and not too stressed.  

Getting overwhelmed by your course can lead to you making yourself fail, as you may not think straight during revision and make silly mistakes and you would have previously avoided. By putting too much pressure on yourself, you may also lose love for the course that you are studying. This would be a terrible thing to happen, as you may end up dropping out of your course or leaving your course with a qualification but no interest in pursuing a career in engineering.  

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